BBC Missions

BBC is a Faith-Promise Missions church. Our people give over and above their tithe to support world-wide missions. We believe that we are responsible to get the Gospel to Central Lake, Antrim County Michigan, America and all of the world!

Mark 16:15  And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

If you are a missionary on deputation and/or trying to raise additional support, please email us your information PRIOR to contacting us by phone. Email us External link opens in new tab or windowHERE

**When contacting us please note - BBC ONLY supports missionaries who are being sent out and are members of an Independent, Fundamental, KJB, Baptist Church AND who are going to establish and plant (or serve in a direct support role of planting) the same.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Brad & Felicia Barkowski (Trinidad)

Jonathon & Ashley Beadles (Columbia)

Jeremy & Michelle Blanz (CostaRica)

Daniel & Deanna Brown (Liechtenstein)

Clint & Selah Burden (Indonesia)

Steve Carter (Japan)

Juanita Case (Retired Missionary widow)
Andrew & Jennifer Day (Ireland)
Hani & Denise Dekho (Lebanon)

Joel Desir (Haiti)

Tom & Margo Dinius (Nambia)

Ronnie Doss & Hogar DeAmor Orphange (Honduras)

Nathsn & Tina Fritz (Cape Verde)

Matt & Heather Gansemer (Argentina)

Matt & Lavonna Gerber (India)

Bryan & Teena Girard (New Guinea)

Daniel & Holly Grotke (Norway)

Lowell & Michelle Griffin (Philippines)

Isaiah & Cherith Hanson (Panama)

Brent & Jen Hoffman (Costa Rica)

Casey & Sarah Kline (Ukraine)

Luke & Jamie Knickerbocker (Nepal)

Rakesh & Rebecca Kumar (Fiji)

Justin & Sheryl Levine (Himalayas)
*Jeff & Althea Nordquist (Brazil)

Go & Danielle Oishi (Japan)

David & Kelly Owens (Guyana)

Todd Painter (Thailand)

Mark & Kim Palmani (Philippines)
Damian & Ruth Ann Pickett (Great Britian)
James & Amber Pranger (Russia)

Keith & Jamie Putnam (Brazil)

Daniel & Christa Reed (Romania)

Caleb & Abby Robinson (Zambia)                                                            

Sam & Abby Sanderlin (Cameroon)
Mark & Tammy Siekbert (First Bible International)
Matthew & Jackie Siekbert (Ghana)
Ron & Sara Smith (Cambodia)
John A. & Patty Sommer (Ghana)

C.D. & Chloe Smith (Pulau)

Robert & Angela Tirado (Dominican Republic)
Philip & Monica Tharp (Ireland)
Don & Lisa Thatcher (Ireland)
Jim & Kim VanVoltenberg (Scotland)
Mike & Mary Wallace (Mexico City)

Gary & Julia Way (Israel)

Philip & Rachel Wild (India)

Nate & Emily Wilkerson (West Africa)

Robert & Amy Wilson (Mexico)

Maurice & Sherry Young (Taiwan)

Steve & Connie Zeinner (BPS Global)

6 Missionaries/Church Plants in undisclosed and hostile locations

throughout the world, who's identity must remain anonymous.

(*) Indicates missionaries sent out from BBC

Organizations/ministries supported by BBC
Bearing Precious Seed (Seedline - Bible Printing)
Echoing Hills Bible Camp (Our local church camp ministry)